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Commercial Cleaning Package

Commercial Cleaning Package

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Commercial Cleaning Package 

Learn to start a commercial cleaning service,  Access 6 figure anual cleaning accounts, and learn to fully run your service remote from home. This package has everything you need to plug in your systems & start your business. 


10 Training Modules Included 

1) Business Start Up - Learn step by step how to start your service. 

2) Creating Your Systems - Step by step guide to create your company systems.

3) Business Funding - Learn how to fund your business with only a business plan. 

4) Gaining Massive Clientele - Learn Marketing 

5) How To Perform a Successful Walkthrough 

6) How To Onboard Your Client 

7) Hiring A Dream Team Of Star Cleaners 

8) Remote Business Plan 

9) Reaching 7 Figures 

10) Post Construction Training 

Access Business System Download Library 

Ready to edit and use business documentation 

•Business Start Up Forms 

•Company Letters 

•Company Forms 

•Post Construction documents 

•Pricing & Bidding Guides 

•Training & Cleaning Checklist 

•Proposal & Contracts 

•Sales Forms 

•Business Funding Blueprints 

Learn how to fully operate a commercial cleaning service from scratch with no experience. This business opportunity has changed my life & has offered me financial breakthrough. Please know that this a blueprint on starting this business, you will need to put in the work to see results! 



*Please note, we have a final sale policy once course access is granted. After purchase please check your email for package details. 

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